Kozy Enterprises is Mark Kozar, a Canadian with Slovenian heritage and passport with a passion for wine and spirits, and extensive business (finance, marketing, project management, business development) experience.

Starting with WSET Level II (Merit) certification and over a year working sales and as a sommelier at one of Canada’s most prestigious wineries: Malivoire Wines, Kozy Enterprises’ quest is to bring top quality Slovenian and Central European regional wines into the Ontario market place, creating symbiotic and sustainable business alliances between the two countries, while furthering Slovenian and Central European wines’ reputation and appreciation throughout Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

I hope you share my inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion for developing this business vision.
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Slovenia (and its surrounding neighbours) has a distinct identity when it comes to wines, with its indigenous and ‘home’ varietals prominently grown, as well as substantial ‘noble’ grapes throughout the country.

Slovenia produces a range of quality wines as well; from high end and organic/biodynamic wines, to distinct indigenous grape and ‘orange’ wines, to common table wines, each with its own distinctiveness.
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Kozy Enterprises’ initial focus in bringing wines into Ontario (via the LCBO, Ontario’s wine monopoly) is to focus on higher end, indigenous, organic/biodynamic, and distinct wines such as ‘orange’ wine.

The purpose of this focus is to awaken Ontario wine drinkers (Canada is expected to consume over 50 million cases of wine by 2016, with Ontario at about a quarter to a third of this) to the incredible quality and identity of Slovenian and Central European wines.
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By starting small, selecting a few varieties from a few quality producers, Kozy Enterprises hope to create interest from the growing market in Ontario (~15% growth in wine consumption over the next four years) and grow the demand for imports for Slovenian and Central Europeans wines steadily, and organically, carefully increasing the selection year by year.
Though the LCBO is a very competitive and strict market environment that requires initial off-shelf sales (private, restaurant, group type sales) to prove a wine’s initial appeal, I have the fullest confidence that the wines of Slovenia, through past and current International reviews, articles, and reputation in the International market (especially the USA), as well as the local Ontario Slovenian community, will catch on quickly in popularity and reputation and follow the trend of Slovenian wines being the ‘big re-discovered small country wine’ here in Ontario.